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Clay Cockrell from explores the world of online psychotherapy and those that practice tele-medicine. By interviewing those who have taken their practice to a global virtual audience, we have created a rich resource for therapists, counselors, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists. Thinking of taking your practice online? Learn from those that have gone before you as we explore the benefits and challenges of online counseling.
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May 7, 2020

So good to be back after quite a hiatus. As our field is rapidly changing due to the Covid 19
Pandemic and therapists all over the world are being forced to work from home, I thought it
would be a great idea to put out a few new episodes. And I couldn’t think of a better guest that
Raymond Barrett. He is the founder of Telehealth Certification Institute and has been training
therapist on TeleMental health for years. He is incredibly knowledgeable about how the
regulations are changing in the last few days and I’m thrilled he could join us and keep us up to
date. And he has put together a huge Online Therapy Summit – a weekend of classes that will
provide continuing education training. The link to his site and to the summit is below:

Mar 11, 2020

An interview with Jeff Guenther, founder of Therapy Den. Jeff Guenther is a licensed
professional counselor and the founder of Therapy Den – a unique directory of
psychotherapists that aims to be inclusive of all needs and works to promote diversity. Who
better to talk about directories, than the founder of one?! Jeff has a wealth of knowledge and
his site is full of information – including a great list of questions to explore on your initial
consult call.
Consult questions:


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Mar 11, 2020

This is a teaser for my new Podcast, Finding Therapy! Fans of The Online Counselling Podcast will find the same great content with Finding Therapy.

Thank you to the tens of thousands who have enjoyed The Online Counselling Podcast, I am glad to be back! Please subscribe and enjoy!

Feb 14, 2018

Today we get to talk with Dr. Carly McCord about how she helped develop the
TeleHealth Counseling Clinic at Texas A & M. Seeing that there was a need in rural
Texas for mental health care, but realizing that clients had huge obstacles in
receiving it (digital divide, transportation, etc) and having many qualified doctoral
students at the University – she worked to combine the need with her students and
added in technology – developing a clinic that has provided online therapy to over
800 clients (that’s 8000 sessions!). We talk about tele-supervision and training
tomorrow’s online therapists.

Jan 17, 2018

Forrest Pulley – Co-Founder
Nicholas Fuller – Chief Technical Officer
I am so fortunate to get to talk to Forrest Pulley (co-founder) and Nicholas Fuller
(Chief Technical Officer) of iTherapy. iTherapy is an incredibly robust service that
serves the field of online therapy. They offier HIPAA compliant video, EHR services,
payment gateway, scheduling, notes and other services that are typical in the field.
But they set themselves apart with their customer services and some of their higher
offerings like business coaching, marketing guidance, virtual assistance and tips on
how to jump start your practice as an online therapist. They’ve done a great job of
listening to online therapists about their needs and then creating programs and
services to meet those needs. They have a passion for serving the field and I’m so
happy to get to interview them.

Jan 3, 2018

Today’s interview is with Martin Perry who is the founder of Nous Talk. Nous Talk
is a new HIPAA compliant Audio / Video platform built specifically for online
therapists. I’ve tried it out for the last month and am incredibly impressed. They
are super HIPAA compliant – just not offering a BAA, but also addressing levels of
HIPAA that other platforms do not – and they comply with malpractice insurers!
They offer Group sessions, accepting online payments, arranging online scheduling –
it’s a very robust platform and incredibly easy to use.

Dec 20, 2017

Synergy ETherapy

Building an online private practice can be hard enough – but what about building a
100% Online GROUP practice? Well Lisa Herman of Synergy ETherapy has done just
that and she has grown this practice to Minnesota and New York and now has 5
therapists in the group. She truly is a Therapy Entrepreneur and we are so lucky to
have her tell us how she did it. In the podcast interview today, we talk about hiring
theraists, managing them, learning and training on the technology part of everything
and MARKETING! She has some great tips on marketing! And even if you aren’t
thinking of creating a group practice, you’re going to get lots of tips from today’s

Dec 13, 2017

Dr. Christopher Quarto is a licensed psychologist and professor in Murfreesboro,
Tennessee and is the founder of the Distance Counseling Community Facebook
Group. He is incredibly active on social media and always has very valuable
information for therapists who have questions about online counseling. He’s very
generous about his time and his comments are always spot on. He has also
developed a framework for educators to use when training new and previously
licensed therapist about online counseling. Today we get to talk about this
framework, social media and some of the bias he has seen with therapists who are
reluctant to add technology to their practices. I’m so happy Chris has had time to
join us!

Dec 6, 2017

Marc Lehman has come up with a brilliant approach to reaching college students
and making therapy available to them. Dorm Room Counseling uses online
counseling to help young adults through the very stressful process of adjusting to
college. Transitioning from high school to a college is incredibly difficult and more
so today – when teens are struggling with social norms, societal stress and academic
pressures. Marc meets these college students where they are…online. Using text,
email and audio/visual platforms, he allows them to access counseling in ways that
are familiar to them. Sometimes college campus counseling centers are not the right
fit – so he has developed this incredibly innovative approach of therapy and
coaching to fill a need. So pleased that he has spent time with us today.

Nov 8, 2017

Today we get to know a therapist who was based in Austin, Texas – but wanted to
travel the world with her family. Having a successful private practice, she worked to
transition her face to face clients to begin working online with her. She then began
to build up more online clients. She now lives in Costa Rica with her family and
continues to work with her clients from Austin and is beginning to reach out to the
population of “digital nomads” – people who work from their laptops anywhere in
the world. Step by step she figured out what was needed to make this huge leap,
and today we get to learn how she did it.

Nov 1, 2017

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve had a new episode, but I think this will be worth the wait! Today we speak with Beata Klarowska, who is the co-founder of She is a speech and language pathologist who saw a need for a tele-therapy platform that provided interactive forms and HIPAA compliant connection for therapists and clients. This platform has tons of great options and is very affordable. And they are designed for all sorts of disciplines, but it is perfect for psychotherapists who want a secure, affordable tele-therapy options. And most exciting: They Offer Group Therapy!!! Their Business Associates Agreement does not cost extra, and they are incredibly secure! I’m so excited for you to learn about TheraPlatform.

Aug 24, 2017

To celebrate episode 50, we answer one of the top questions psychotherapists have
when it comes to starting an online counseling practice: What needs to be in my
informed consent? We all know that there are certain paperwork needs for private
practice, but how do those needs change when we bring technology into the picture?
Today we speak with Katie Lemieux, and Kate Campbell – co-founders of The
Private Practice Startup. They spent a decade developing their paperwork and have
had it reviewed by three different attorneys. And today they share what they have
learned. And be sure to listen to the end for their huge giveaway!
Free give-away:
And Rob and Roy’s new podcast:

Jul 19, 2017

Philippa Weitz and Adrian Rhodes

Face to Face Counseling vs. Online Counseling

Today we have our first panel discussion! And what a distinguished panel it is:

Philippa Weitz is a returning guest, she is the author of Psychotherapy 2.0 and

Managing Director of PW Training, which is a training program for online therapists.

Adrian Rhodes is a past president of European Association for Psychotherapy and

has over 40 years experience in the helping field. Adrian is a recent graduate of

Philippa’s training program and has written an article about looking to Online

Therapy as a distinctly different approach to psychotherapy. We have a lively and

friendly discussion about the differences of online counseling and face to face

counseling and also explore how things are progressing in the UK for Online

Therapy in general.


PW Training:

Adrian Rhodes:

Blog article:

Jul 12, 2017

Today we travel to Switzerland to speak with Claudia Pluss, CEO of Perceptiko and

developer of Catch Eye – a plug in technology that adjusts the appearance of our

eyes online to improve eye contact. One of the few problems of doing online

counseling is maintaining good eye contact with our clients. If we are looking at

their image on the screen, we aren’t looking directly into the camera – which can

make it appear that we aren’t making eye contact. It’s a nuanced thing – but as we

all know as therapists, good eye contact is really important to the therapeutic

relationship. This plug in solves the problem – and does so much more! It improves

lighting and can even adjust our background. I think it’s a game changer and I’m so

pleased to have the actual developer of this technology join us to talk about it.

And it’s FREE!

Jul 5, 2017

Diann is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has taken the leap into Life Coaching.

She has a fascinating story of how she used coaches to grow her Private Practice and

found that the process really resonated with her. As a result, she has gotten

extensive training in Life Coaching and is now embarking on a new phase of her

career – focusing on Women in Mid-Life who also have ADHD. She has extensive

experience with connecting with her clients online and I was captivated by her


Jun 28, 2017

Once we leave grad school and start out as professional counselors, it is of the

utmost importance to keep learning! My wife once said she wanted to be known as

a “Life Long Learner” and that should be all of us. It’s important to know the latest

developments in our field and to keep abreast of different approaches. But it’s

difficult to do this. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a library of video chats that provides

continuing education for helping professionals? Well John Wilson and his sister

Sandra have done just that. At Online Events, they have over 500 hours of seminars

and interviews with some of the leading professionals in our field – exploring

amazing topics that will help us to continue to ‘sharpen our tools’ and keep us fresh

and up to date on developments across our field. As an online therapist himself,

John is using the power of video connection to bring education to a wide audience

from students all the way up to the seasoned professional. This is a great resource

for all of us!

Online Events

Association for Counselling and Therapy Online

Annual Online Counselling Conference

Jun 20, 2017

Catherine is a LCSW and certified coach, working online using Energy Psychology /

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)and other modalities to help her clients heal

from past wounds – particularly doing trauma work. She has been a life long

advocate for women and minorities. Her journey to the online world is fascinating –

she even created Tele-Summits to highlight the expertise of 21 different health

professionals – and this was back in 2008. She is an inspiration for all of us to

embrace the technology of our time and think outside of the box, while listening to

our inner wisdom.

Jun 14, 2017

Two heads are better than one, goes the old saying. And when starting a business,

especially a private practice, maybe it’s better not to go it alone – especially when

you and your partner complement each other’s skill sets. This is the story of

Jennifer Labanowski and Shelly Smith – two Marriage and Family Therapists who

have come together to launch a team private practice – serving clients online in four

different states! As they and their family prepare to move, they are adjusting their

already successful practice to go online – increasing their reach and impact and they

are inspiring professionals. They have surrounded themselves with a team of web

designers, social media experts and marketing folks who are helping them make

their dream of a successful practice come true. Why go it alone when you can have a

partner share the burden and inspire you to keep going in when the struggle can

seem too much?

Jun 7, 2017

Today we continue our series of exploration into HIPAA compliant platforms that

are available to psychotherapists when connecting with our clients. One of the

biggest questions we get about online therapy is: If I can’t use skype or FaceTime,

what services should I use? So we are trying to answer that question by

interviewing the leading platforms that are encrypted and HIPAA compliant. Zoom

is a leading provider of audio / visual connection and they are particularly popular

outside the US, but have a strong following here as well. In only a few short years,

they have over 600,000 businesses that use their program and they are growing

every day. Their application, which must be downloaded onto your computer, is

designed to make the connection seamless and clear. Their basic program is free,

but if you want the BAA you must upgrade to a higher level which allows up to 10

sign-in accounts and a fee of $200 a month. Derek is incredibly informed on all of

the offerings of this growing company and I am very grateful that he was able to

spend some time with us!


Derek’s email:

May 31, 2017

I love when we get to interview successful online therapists so we can

learn from them. Today, we talk with Viktoria Ivanova, who began her

online therapy practice 1 year ago after deciding to move from Canada

to The Philippines. Having a love of the ex-pat lifestyle, she needed a

way to make her therapy practice mobile, and she has done just that.

She talks about her journey in finding the right platform for her and

how she is learning social media and networking to grow her practice.

Lots of great information for all of us!


May 24, 2017

Every day I find talented and entrepreneurial therapists who are using technology

to reach their clients in powerful and unique ways. Recently I was introduced to

Megan Peterson who is the founder of 2 nd Chance Counseling Service. They are an

Addictions Counseling Service that uses tele-medicine to help clients in their

recovery process. They work both with initial contact clients and with clients who

are stepping down from inpatient facilities – offering membership in a program that

will take them through the steps of recovery with support and counseling from

certified therapists from around the country. 2 nd Chance is all about simplicity and

flexibility – truly meeting the client where they are! Today we get to talk with

Megan about her services and how she created an online membership program with

over 42 therapists!

May 17, 2017

When therapists find out they shouldn’t be using Skype or Face Time for

their therapy sessions, their first question is: Then what can I use? Well,

today marks the beginning of a series of podcasts where we go and talk

to the leading platforms and explore all their bells and whistles –

benefits and challenges. And I’m thrilled to have Andrew Livingston, co-

founder of Doxy Me. Doxy Me is a conferencing platform that is

designed specifically for tele-health. It is encrypted and compliant with

HIPAA (providing a free Business Associates Agreement) and it’s simple

to use with no download required. It’s incredibly versatile for all of

your online counseling needs – and it’s FREE!

Special deal: To get the EXTRA 2 months free (thats a total of 3 Months free) of the Professional Level of Doxy Me, just send an email to: with the word Extend in the subject line. 

Mar 15, 2017

Dr. Mona Ghosheh has created a 100% online therapy practice based in

Texas. In just over a year, she has transitioned from her job as

counselor in a college counseling center to her own private practice that

is completely online. Due to family needs, she has to travel between

Austin and Houston and Dallas and is able to take her practice with her!

Today she talks about how she built this business – the ups an downs,

benefits and challenges. We talk about it all – from setting up your

office and getting the lighting right to the choice of platforms and

marketing your practice. She is incredibly helpful and there is a ton of

great information here for all of us – newbies or seasoned therapists-

we all can learn a lot from Dr. Ghosheh.

Mar 1, 2017

Many of you are familiar with many of the ‘online clinics’ that are available out there. Talk Space, BetterHelp, and Breakthrough are just a few of the leaders in the field. They can be an easy entry point for a therapist who is considering doing online counseling, as they do all of the marketing for you and they offer the technology (Text, IM, Email or video) that you would use to connect. They also sometimes act as an ‘intake coordinator’ and match clients with the best therapist for their needs. Ken Fields who operates from Hawaii and is the founder of Open Mind Counseling has been using these clinics to build his practice since almost the beginning of their creation – back in 2006. He has incredible experience from the inside on how they have developed and how they have grown and improved over the years. They can be a wonderful source for a client who wishes a certain level of anonymity. I’ve heard many of you express concerns about their business models – so here is a chance to hear from someone who has used them extensively.

Feb 15, 2017

Today is maybe our best episode ever. We get to talk with Nicole Hind, founder of Unveiled Stories – a 100% online counseling practice that focuses on women, singles and those with disabilities. She lives in Australia and is currently in Amsterdam on an extended vacation – but still working with her clients remotely. One of the benefits of having an online counseling practice is travel! And she is taking advantage of that. We get to talk about how she started her practice how she grew it. We explore her marketing approach, how her clients find her, what platforms she likes, her insurance – all the nitty gritty that is involved with having an online therapy practice. We also get to talk about Australia and the mental health mindset there – as well as the lack of regulations for online therapy. And that big announcement I’ve been talking about…well, don’t skip the intro! We have big news!

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